Can Metformin Be Used to Reduce Excess Weight?

Metformin and weight lossThe question of Metformin and weight loss relation is not the issue of one day. Over the last few years, scientists and pharmacists have been actively working on the investigation of this correlation. According to the data of surveys, more around 40% of all the people above 20 are overweight. This considerable part of the population has body mass that equals to or exceeds 30, which is dangerous for diverse chronic diseases, especially metabolic syndrome. As the results, patients struck by the condition get affected by cardiovascular disorders and type 2 diabetes in an overwhelming majority of instances.

Metformin belongs to a group of type 2 diabetes treatments that produce a complex effect. The drug not only balances blood sugar levels, but also improves insulin resistance, prevents stroke, cancer and other related health problems. Additionally, influencing the metabolic processes, the preparation influences weight management. Even though the medication has a single on-label use being diabetes, its action on the organism can change diverse conditions (including obesity).

Comparing Metformin with similar treatments, it is important to single out its action. The drug works decreasing production and consumption of glucose in the liver, reduces glucose absorption in the intestines and enhances insulin sensitivity. Based on this information, it is possible to conclude that Metformin stimulates significant weight loss through elimination of adipose tissue that presupposes much more durable results.

3 Essential Steps for Desirable Weight Loss with Metformin

It is also vital to remember that decreased appetite and weight loss are the two preferable side effects Metformin causes. However, striving to achieve maximal results, one should follow these tips:

  • Make sure the drug is safe and appropriate for your case. Take Metformin as recommended by the doctor. Check your blood sugar level frequently.
  • Modify your diet to increase the chances of weight loss during Metformin treatment course.
  • Start an intensive workout program to witness the best results possible.