Metformin and Bodybuilding: Actions, Uses and Benefits

Over the last few decades Metformin has been used exclusively as a type 2 diabetes treatment. However, currently the drug is extremely popular among bodybuilders due to a range of benefits it produces on the body. One of the crucial factors that presupposed the popularity of the treatment is Metformin and growth hormone relation. The medication provides a person with an ability to fight growth hormone induced insulin resistance. While the advantageous action of Metformin of the human physique is an undeniable fact, a rapidly growing number of customers are investigating differences in the drug effects depending on the dose, intake periodicity and other peculiarities.

Metformin and growth hormone

Advantages of Metformin Treatment Course for Bodybuilders

While Metformin course is ultimately useful for improvement of type 2 diabetes symptoms, it can boost multiple other body functions. In this respect, bodybuilders undergo Metformin program in hope to benefit from:

  • Stimulated insulin receptors. Metformin helps muscle cells to stay sensitive to insulin produced within the body
  • Increased muscle mass. Combining Metformin intake with carbohydrate diet will result in more rapid muscle growth, while muscles will also be comparatively fuller and stronger.
  • Loss of appetite. One of the common reactions of the organism on Metformin is appetite suppression. This peculiarity suits bodybuilders who stick to ketogenic diet.
  • Eliminated fat storage. While Metformin prevents the body from fat storage, bodybuilders will enjoy their carbohydrate heavy meals without any fears for future consequences.
  • Metformin Doses for Bodybuilding

    Despite a range of positive effects Metformin produces in the body, one should follow the prescribed dose to ensure high safety level of the treatment course. The drug dose will definitely vary for bodybuilders depending on their health condition and desirable results. To achieve full muscles one should take Metformin 500-1,000 mg right after carbohydrate meal. The dose can be increased based on the amount of carbohydrates consumed, though the maximal Metformin dose should not exceed 1,500 mg.