Metformin and Its Analogues: Reliable Way to Maintain Blood Sugar Level

Metformin is a time-tested and appreciated medication that is reported to produce a powerful impact on the organism, improving multiple dysfunctions. Metformin is approved to be a unique oral treatment in the category of blood glucose lowering medications, called biguanides. The remedy has recently been known under the name of Glucophage. Currently, Metformin is used mainly to maintain blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Additionally, the medication is recommended for women with PCOS. Thus, Metformin 500 mg, being the most commonly prescribed dose, possesses two main functions:

Metformin 500 mg

  • Maintaining the level of blood sugar in those who suffer from diabetes (type 2). The drug can be used by children older than 10, adolescents and adults to improve the condition. Only Metformin is taken in such cases, or it is combined with other diabetes treatments. Additionally, the medication can be administered in the combination with insulin.
  • Eliminating the symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Keep in mind that it is off-label, so it should be obligatory discussed with a doctor. Despite the use is off-license, it is successfully used worldwide to eliminate the symptoms of the disorder.
  • According to Metformin wiki, it is an ultimate antidiabetic medication that can decrease the death level caused by cardiovascular disorders in patients with type 2 diabetes.

    Action of Metformin and Way It Affects Your Body

    Metformin wikiBeing a powerful medication, Metformin is prescribed to patients with severe cases of diabetes, including the one accompanied by obesity. Producing a strong, but at the same time, mind effect on the body, the treatment allows controlling blood sugar levels and eliminating risks of cardiovascular problems.

    To understand the action of Metformin in the organism, it is necessary to realize the initial scheme of the way diabetes affects the body. So, people struck by type 2 diabetes are resistant to the action of insulin. Since insulin is in charge of blood glucose level, the condition stimulates the cells to remove blood sugar. In this way, the moment cells get resistant to insulin, blood sugar levels significantly increase. Metformin, in its turn, boosts sensitivity to insulin, enabling cells to decrease the amount of sugar in the blood faster and lower the production of glucose by liver cells. Additionally, Metformin reduces the amount of sugar absorbed from the intestines. Thus, the medication is recommended for daily use to help the body and cells balance blood sugar levels.

    Generic Metformin – Cheap Metformin Alternative

    generic Metformin tabletsSince Metformin is an effective medication that produces impressive results, numerous reliable and trusted manufacturers worked hard to create its analogue. As the result, generic Metformin tablets became available in the pharmaceutical market. The preparation features the same active components and ingredients as the brand one, though its price is much more affordable. Using generic Metformin that is in a free access a patient risks misusing the medication, so it is still important to see the doctor before using the drug. Still, generic Metformin is a great opportunity to get the same action and identical improvements at a more reasonable price and with accompanying up-to-date services.